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Every home and business owner should be aware of the danger and the devastation a fire can create.

An effective, well-maintained fire alarm system – also known as a fire detection system is a necessity for any home and it is a legal requirement for most businesses. You must have a well-fitted, good quality fire alarm system that suits your specific premises in order to be legally compliant.

Our specialist fire alarms team can advise you on the very best system for your home or business premises.

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Whether you require a small and basic conventional fire alarm system, a wireless radio frequency system or a fully computer programmable analogue addressable system, our supply, design and installation service ensures we can meet your every individual requirement.

Fire Alarms will not be able to stop a fire starting, but it is proven that these systems will greatly reduce the risk of injury and loss of life, whilst also limiting the damage to your property.


When you are investing a Fire Detection and Fire Alarm system, it is important to choose the very best products to ensure that you have a system that you can rely on.

We only supply the most up to date Fire Alarm technology, and whether we are fitting stand-alone smoke sensors or a complex Fire Alarm system, you can feel confident that we will always complete an installation to the very highest quality.

All of our products conform to industry standards, which gives you further assurance that your property is being protected by a system that you can rely on.

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