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SimpleHome by Comelit has all the ingredients to improve your quality of life in one box, allowing your home to offer you a fusion of well-being and security. On a more practical level home automation systems can help you save up to a third on your energy bills.

Home automation Comelit Icona Manager

SimpleHome systems by Comelit exceed traditional expectations of home automation: they constitute a formula for intelligence that is easier to apply and more satisfying to use, capable of reconciling function safety, economy, comfort, good looks and environmental respect.

SimpleHome Functions include controlling:

Keeping the temperature under control means significant savings can be made as you enjoy customised room-by-room wellbeing.

Home automation Comelit Icona Manager Temp


Comelit has designed an integrated lighting management system.  Apart from the practical “Go Out” scenario, which transmits a series of programmable commands, the system can switch off the house lights automatically when it detects that there is no one home.  It can also be programmed to switch off during absence in conjunction with intruder alarm system sensors.

Another programmable scenario could be..

Every morning at 7:15 the open curtains are opened and the rooms reach the ideal temperature, at 10:30 the sun awnings are lowered, at 18:00 the irrigation system is activated and at 22:00 the garden lights are switched on, the alarm is enabled, the sun awnings are retracted and the rolling shutters are closed, then at 24:00 the washing machine starts in order to save time and money.

Home automation Comelit Icona Manager Music


Another option is The Multi Room Audio Function:

  • Manage the system by selecting the album, track or radio streaming for each zone, adjust the volume and select random or repeat play modes.
  • Synchronise multiple audio zones for playing the same source throughout the house.
  • Create a scenario by enabling each audio zone with a different source volume.
  • Import, manage and listen to Spotify playlists (only with a subscription to Spotify premium)

All of this and much more on a touch screen display.


The numerous functions of mini touch are expanded by an original and practical LEDs system. When the alarm, cooling or heating functions are activated, the display projects a light beam onto the wall to signal the event. You know exactly what’s happening with just a glance.

Home automation Comelit Black Mini Touch

Mini touch is the ideal supervisor to control the home burglar alarm system. The extreme simplicity of programming and the clarity when checking when and where the alarm is activated can be checked and managed from a remote location via smartphone or PC.

Mini touch’s graphic interface makes it possible to view the entire daily profile of the heating and air conditioning system on a single screen simply and intuitively. The supervisor is always connected to the sensors in the various rooms, communicating the different climate conditions.

Home automation Comelit White Mini Touch

Each light in the home can be constantly monitored with easily programmable on and off times, in addition eliminating the need to check room by room to ensure lights are off.

Mini touch monitors the power consumption of your home appliances. If a possible mains supply overload is detected the appliances are automatically set to stand by in the programmed sequence. It also provides guarantee of safety in relation to electric shock hazards. Mini touch makes it possible to switch off the power circuits in different areas of the home, such as in the kids bedrooms during play periods or bedrooms at night.

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